As an expansion of the Healthcare Law Practice Group, Mandelbaum Barrett PC welcomes Mena R. Francis, Esq. to head the firm’s PIP Arbitration/Reimbursement Recovery Department. In the ever-changing PIP/No-Fault space, arbitration has emerged as the only practical way a healthcare providers can be compensated for their services absent settlement. Mr. Francis has extensive experience representing medical providers and facilities in collecting PIP claims. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he knows what it takes to make sure providers collect fast. This new practice area compliments the Group’s existing representation of clients in connection with all payor recoupment disputes, whether the payor is a government payor, such as Medicare and Medicaid, major medical carrier or self or partially funded plans. 

Mr. Francis graduated from the Rutgers School of Business, in New Brunswick, NJ in 2008, obtaining his B.S. in Finance and minoring in Political Science. Following Business School, Mena attended Seton Hall University School of Law, obtaining his JD degree in 2011. After graduating, he served as in-house counsel to a start-up medical management company, spearheading the development of a No-Fault/PIP collections department. Thereafter, Mr. Francis developed a PIP Arbitration Department for a very reputable personal injury department with over ten offices within the state. Through his efforts, he has helped providers generate millions in annual revenues in the PIP space.

Coming from the medical providers‘ side, Mr. Francis knows “how the sausage is made,” which gives him a unique understanding of the healthcare system and the pressures that providers face vis-à-vis the collections of their account receivables. He firmly believes that having the right protocols and documents in place is key to ensuring fast recovery. Mr. Francis will work with you to make sure you have all the documents in place to commence the arbitration process and to ensure fast recovery. In conjunction with the healthcare regulatory attorneys in the Healthcare Law Practice Group, Mr. Francis will assist you in avoiding certain pitfalls that can preclude or compromise the collectability of your claims and help you optimize your collections.

Mr. Francis’ background also avails him of insider knowledge as to the endemic challenges faced by providers in connection with their relationship with their arbitration attorneys and he utilizes an individualized, client-oriented approach to recovery in order to ensure that clients have confidence in his representation and dedication to their accounts receivable. ?

Mandelbaum Barrett PC looks forward to the opportunity to take on your PIP Arbitrations. Please direct all inquiries regarding arbitrations to me at and/or