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Selling your Veterinary Practice: Improving your Chances for a Successful Closing

December 20, 2022

Veterinary business is big business. In 2019, the U.S. veterinary business was estimated at $51.3 billion. By 2021, the second year of the pandemic, the market had grown to $58.3 billion. Increased pet ownership and more frequent visits to veterinarians were two major reasons for the growth. At the same time, the corporatization of veterinary […]

Lawrence Weiner Issues Broker Alert for SIOR: Does your Listing Agreement Strengthen your Claim to a Lien on Sale Proceeds?

July 8, 2022

I know you have faced this situation. The closing is scheduled, and you are expecting to be paid your full commission at closing. Then shortly before the closing, the seller contacts you advising that s/he does not think you are entitled to a commission or is demanding that you agree to discount your commission. Since […]