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The Rogers Test Dances Between Trademark Protection Under the Lanham Act and Freedom of Speech Under the First Amendment

October 28, 2022

Published in the Sept.-Oct. 2022 edition of The Trademark Reporter “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life,” according to Oscar Wilde; and therefore, our perception of life is changed by art. Watching a sunset may remind you of an artist’s painting for in that moment life imitates art. The beauty of nature is […]

Social Media Posts Are Ads

October 13, 2022

Therefore, Subject to Being Regulated “It’s a business lie — it’s different from a life lie” is a very funny line uttered by Alan Arkin in the movie Sunshine Cleaning. As funny as the comment is, however, it underscores a misconception that many have regarding what’s acceptable to say — or in this case not […]