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Peter Tanella authors article for Today’s Veterinary Business titled “PPP Loans and Your Practice”

February 1, 2023

“PPP loans and other relief funds were critical in allowing veterinary practices to stay open and treat patients during difficult times. While many businesses are eager to put the pandemic in the past, PPP loans cannot be overlooked when a practice changes ownership.” “PPP Loans and Your Practice” are the focus of Peter Tanella, Esq.‘s Legal […]

Peter Tanella, Esq. authors article for Today’s Veterinary Business titled “Leaving So Soon?”

December 5, 2022

“A veterinarian’s sale of a practice is a life-changing and multifaceted event. More often than not, the seller is overwhelmed by the numerous considerations suddenly in play.”  In the Today’s Veterinary Business December/January issue, Peter Tanella, Esq. uses a real-world example to discuss veterinary practice sales in his “Legal Lingo” column. “In addition to continuing […]