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NJBiz Magazine: Damian Conforti’s Insights on New Jersey’s Food Labeling Litigation

April 30, 2024

Damian Conforti, a partner at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, discusses the complexities of food labeling litigation in New Jersey. He emphasizes the need for balance in protecting consumer rights while ensuring fair business practices, highlighting the importance of informed consumers in navigating product claims.

Guide to NYC’s Permanent Outdoor Dining Program

February 9, 2024

Launching in March 2024, New York City’s permanent outdoor dining program is designed to allow restaurants to expand their dining areas onto sidewalks and roadways, aiming to adapt urban spaces for broader use. This initiative, developed in response to the pandemic, sets out comprehensive guidelines to ensure safety, accessibility, and integration with the urban environment. It involves a structured process for obtaining necessary permissions, with a focus on operational standards and compliance. The program seeks to balance business needs with public space utilization, reflecting an effort to modify city landscapes in response to changing urban dynamics.