Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our M&A Attorneys are here to guide you through every step of your transactional needs, offering exceptional representation and practical solutions. Embrace seamless mergers and acquisitions with ease.

Comprehensive M&A Legal Services for a Wide Range of Industries

Our M&A attorneys advise clients from a wide range of industries in various stages of growth. We represent start-ups and long-established businesses, regional and national organizations, closely held companies, and publicly traded entities. We manage a full breadth of transactional needs and offer superior legal representation that reflects real-world business environments. Clients receive guidance through complicated merger and acquisition transactions with thoughtful and experienced attorneys, who are known across the country and internationally for their practical approach to deal-making. Our Firm also has expertise in other areas needed to negotiate and close complex M&A transactions such as tax, litigation, real estate, environmental, and employment law.

We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding legal services, balancing a thoughtful and professional analysis with innovative solutions that add value. Our depth of experience in a wide range of industries speaks to the trust we have developed in the business community. Whether it is a client’s first major transaction, the latest in a series of transactions or the selling of a business held for many years, we build and maintain collaborative partnerships that enable our clients to meet their business goals.

Our clients include growing companies looking to establish and expand their footprint, as well as multi-generational family businesses with iconic brands in their industries. Every client receives a professional level of commitment from our corporate M&A attorneys and the team which is selected to work on the transaction.

Every M&A transaction requires attention to detail and experience in many areas of the law, and our corporate M&A attorneys know what it takes to get deals closed.  We have represented clients in most major industries including, but not limited to:

  • Financial Services
  • Personal Care Products
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Professional Services
  • Medical Device / Biotechnology
  • Food Technology
  • Cannabis
  • Agriculture and Produce
  • Cosmetics
  • Pet Food
  • Wireless Technology
  • Software and Technology solution providers
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Vitamin/Nutraceuticals/Supplements
  • Automobile Retailing
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Fire suppression
  • Transportation

Whatever type of M&A transaction you face, our Firm can provide you with an experienced team of M&A attorneys and additional resources to meet your needs.

  • Sale of a controlling stake in an entity which takes customers on high-end, all-inclusive fishing expeditions on the Amazon River
  • Purchase real property used as a scrap metal/recycling facility contemporaneous with two refinance transactions, with a deal value in excess of $6 million.
  • Sale of wholesale importer and distributor of valves and replacement parts for consideration in excess of $25 million in cash and rollover equity
  • Sale of high-end plastic surgery practice to an MSO with a national footprint for consideration in excess of $8 million in cash and rollover equity
  • Strategic formation and launch of an entity which has developed a proprietary colorectal cancer detection product, and distribution, marketing and Intellectual property agreements and licensing pertaining thereto.
  • Stock sale with respect to a cannabis transportation company as result of a shareholder dispute
  • Sale of a family-owned publishing company with valuable copyrights producing a high EBITDA multiple, thus yielding a considerable sales price for the shareholders
  • Sale of a property and casualty insurance business to a roll-up backed by private equity, with the shareholders receiving cash, rollover shares and long-term employment agreements
  • Strategic acquisitions in Minnesota and California through stock purchases and key-man employment on behalf of a Japanese manufacturer
  • Merger of a German manufacturing company into its parent company.
  • Stock sale of a marketing and advertising company to a Chicago-based competitor
  • Sale of a talent search and recruiting company recognized as a minority and women owned business, with a sale value in excess of $20 million including rollover equity and an earnout.

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