Workers’ Compensation

The Personal Injury attorneys at Mandelbaum Barrett PC have resolved thousands of workers’ compensation claims, resulting in awards of millions of dollars to the injured parties.

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Many workers injured on the job in New Jersey are usually covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits. Workers’ Compensation benefits are enough to cover medical treatment and a portion of lost earnings, but injured workers are also entitled for compensation for their permanent injury or the death of your loved one. At Mandelbaum Barrett PC, our skilled personal injury attorneys have helped countless clients recover the compensation due to them after a workplace injury.

Examples of common workplace injuries in New Jersey

Our New Jersey personal injury law firm has decades of experience protecting the rights of people who were injured at work. Please contact us to discuss any type of workplace injury you may have suffered, including injuries from:

  • Construction site accidents
  • Car accident or truck accident while on the job
  • Falls from ladders, work platforms, loading docks and scaffolding
  • Explosions, fire, burn injuries and electrical shock
  • Falling product, materials and equipment
  • Power tool and automatic equipment accidents
  • Conveyor, hoist and crane accidents
  • Defective Equipment or unguarded machinery
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals and products
  • Forklift accidents
  • Nail gun injuries
  • Punch press and sheet metal fabrication machine injuries
  • Railroad worker injuries

Under most circumstances, a regular employee is not able to sue his or her employer for a workplace injury. However, there are a few different instances where an injured worker might be able to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for work-related injuries and other losses including:

  • Your injury happened because of the negligence of a third-party (not your employer or a co-worker)
  • If your employer failed to carry a Workers’ Compensation insurance, you may be able to sue your employer to collect damages for your injuries
  • If your injury was caused by a defective product, you may have grounds to sue the manufacturer
  • If exposure to toxic chemicals or illegal substances caused your injury
  • Your employer’s negligence was intentional

Our New Jersey workplace injury attorneys can help

There is a two-year time limit from the date of the injury to pursue legal action, so it is critical that you contact us right away so that we can get to work representing you and protecting your right to recover compensation.

If you have suffered an injury, during the course of your employment, our attorneys at Mandelbaum Barrett PC can help.

Please call our attorneys today at 973-585-5100.

There are numerous situations in which a client can have both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim arising out of the same accident.

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