Banking Litigation and
Consumer Finance Defense

Our team of experienced trial lawyers represent national and regional banks and other financial institutions in litigations throughout the country.

We represent national and regional banks, and other financial institutions in litigations throughout the United States, involving banking law, commercial foreclosures and asset recovery, fraud and business torts, debtor-creditor disputes, lender liability, inter-creditor disputes, and Uniform Commercial Code issues. The following are some highlights that distinguish us from other firms practicing in these areas of the law.

Our team of experienced trial lawyers has successfully recovered well over one hundred million dollars on defaulted loans and foreclosed and obtained title to many, highly-valued commercial properties. We also have defended clients in hundreds of banking and consumer finance defensive litigations throughout the United States. In the past two years alone, we defended over 150 actions in Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Kentucky, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont and Minnesota, with nearly all claims expeditiously dismissed with no payment by our clients. In fact, we recovered more money from debtor-claimants than our clients paid out in settlements in these defensive litigations.

We recognize that litigation arises within a business context. True success in litigation, therefore, requires obtaining favorable results quickly, which limits the cost of the conflict. To this end, we use smaller teams with deeper knowledge of the facts and applicable law in each case. We attack each new case and devise aggressive, phased strategies designed to maximize benefits, minimize exposure for our clients, and achieve very favorable resolutions without protracted litigation. We are committed to the objective of achieving superior results with strong cost discipline and offer innovative pricing structures for the management of multi-state litigation portfolios with success criteria.

Being prepared is paramount. The source of skillful action is knowledge. We conduct regular audits of the online court dockets to determine the latest litigation practices being used by debt reduction and consumer law firms, and proactively develop pre-litigation protocols and tailored litigation plans to protect our clients and quickly dispose of these claims. To that end, we receive docket alerts for any filings against banking institutions.

We are known for our persistence, determination, and skill in the pursuit of remedies for our clients and defense of claims against them. Our attorneys have the experience and respected business acumen necessary to devise and implement practical, creative solutions needed to expeditiously and cost-effectively secure the maximum recoveries for our clients under difficult circumstances. Our attorneys have earned a reputation, among many of the law firms that file the highest volume of consumer litigations against banks and other financial institutions, as tough, talented, and tenacious litigators, who tirelessly protect our clients and aggressively pursue dismissal of claims on the merits, with no payment in settlement.

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February 16, 2023

We proudly represented a regional bank as the Agent for a 3-bank group in a $120M loan for the purchase of a 300-acre corporate campus from a major pharmaceutical company. It took almost 2 years to complete and is considered a “once in a generation” opportunity by the buyer who has plans to develop the […]