Tom Brennan, the CIO of Mandelbaum Barrett PC, will be joined by two additional speakers to present at this year’s OWASP Global AppSec Conference and Training event in Washington, DC. In a time of increasing cyber threats, the importance of hiring app security experts becomes paramount for businesses. However, this process is like supply chain issues: consistent qualifications, expertise evaluation, and industry alignment are challenges.

On Oct 30th, join Tom to discuss these challenges. He’ll link supply chain management and hiring security experts, revealing business vulnerabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the challenges organizations face when hiring app security experts.
  2. Compare supply chain problems with hiring app security staff.
  3. Learn about CREST OVS Business Accreditation – a groundbreaking effort with industry leaders.
  4. See how CREST OVS boosts software security understanding, closes knowledge gaps, and ensures access to top-notch professionals.
  5. Gain a new view on strong, standardized hiring practices and CREST’s vital role in securing app security’s future.

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