Date: May 22, 2023Attorney: Joel G. MacMull

In his article “AI and Practicing Law: Potential Traps for the Unwary” for the New York Law Journal Joel G. MacMull, Chair of Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s Intellectual Property, Brand Management, and Internet law group, provides invaluable insights on the challenges faced by legal professionals in the dynamic landscape of AI.

  1. Privacy Concerns: Mr. MacMull sheds light on the paramount issue of privacy in the legal field. With his extensive knowledge, he explores the risks associated with AI Content Generators (AICGs) and emphasizes the importance of safeguarding client confidentiality and proprietary information.
  2. Issues of Quality: Delving into the realm of AI, Mr. MacMull highlights the challenge of ensuring accuracy. He uncovers the limitations of AICGs, particularly in relation to recent developments in the law. Discover why AICGs should be viewed as valuable tools that complement, rather than replace, traditional legal research and writing.
  3. Loss of Goodwill and Intellectual Property Considerations: Mr. MacMull addresses the potential repercussions of excessive reliance on AICGs. He explores the risks of diminishing client goodwill and raises ethical questions surrounding disclosure of AI usage. Additionally, he delves into the complex world of intellectual property, highlighting copyright implications and the need to protect client data.

Read article here: NYLJ AI and Practicing Law Potential Traps for the Unwary