Date: January 1, 2014

Fairfield, NJ-based Woodmont Properties is a regional real estate company that develops, builds, markets and invests in a diversified range of real estate, with a 50+-year history in commercial real estate.

For nearly 40 of those years, Woodmont’s management team has worked with Barry Mandelbaum and our Real Estate Practice Group on a wide range of real estate projects. In 2014, for example, Owen Hughes prepared the offering documents for Woodmont’s successful effort to raise capital for construction of multi-family projects in Hanover, Cranford and Red Bank; we also closed the development loan with U.S. Bank. The Atkins Group, another long-time firm client that we introduced to Woodmont Properties, sold land to Woodmont Properties that was approved for 300 multi-family units, 56 townhouses and 10 single-family homes. Barry Mandelbaum and Craig Alexander also provided legal assistance to Woodmont and Atkins in their development of a project in Gloucester County involving 300 multi-family units, medical offices and townhouses.