Date: November 7, 2023Attorney: Marlene M. Arabia

In the intricate world of real estate investments, the significance of having a trusted legal team can’t be overstated. Marlene Arabia, Associate in the Litigation practice group at Mandelbaum Barrett, sheds light on the critical role of both transactional and litigation attorneys in this arena.

Marlene explains that the complex nature of real estate ventures demands the guidance of both transactional and litigation attorneys. Given the multifaceted nature of property dealings, it is essential to have the right legal guidance from the outset.

Consider the scenario of purchasing a property: a skilled transactional attorney is indispensable in facilitating the smooth execution of the purchase. However, in the event of unforeseen complications such as non-paying tenants or squatters, a proficient litigation attorney becomes the key player in resolving disputes effectively.

Marlene also underscores the importance of partnering with a full-service firm, enabling access to seasoned professionals dedicated to addressing the diverse challenges that may emerge in the realm of real estate. Engaging with a full service firm not only streamlines the process, but also ensures a seamless collaboration between attorneys, fostering innovative and tailored solutions to tackle intricate real estate matters.

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