Date: March 1, 2024Attorney: Joel G. MacMull

Welcome to “AI, The Law, & You,” where minds collide in discussions about the legal implications of AI. Join Joel MacMull, Partner and Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property, Brand Management, and Internet Law Practice Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, alongside Mark Miller and Shannon Lietz, co-founder of ThirdScore, as they dive into the complex legal landscape of artificial intelligence.

Prepare for unfiltered conversations as these industry titans ignite debates and challenge each other’s perspectives. No scripts, just real talk about the legal aspects of using AI.

Ever wondered about the legal minefield surrounding AI technology? Curious about what you should be concerned about when utilizing AI platforms? In each episode, Joel, Mark, and Shannon dissect the nuances of AI law, exploring topics ranging from intellectual property rights to data privacy concerns.

Tune in to “AI, The Law, & You” to hear authentic dialogues that push the boundaries of legal discourse. From lively debates to thought-provoking arguments, join this trio as they navigates the ever-evolving intersection of AI and the law.

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