Date: April 1, 2024Attorney: Martin D. Hauptman

As of March 20, 2024, municipal governing bodies can now offer property tax exemptions to affordable housing units. This initiative aims to spur the development and preservation of affordable housing through projects supported by state or municipal housing trust funds. Housing sponsors contribute to municipal services through payments in lieu of taxation to qualify for the exemption.

Key Points:

  • Targeted Support: The initiative focuses on projects backed by affordable housing trust funds, ensuring benefits go to genuine affordable housing efforts.
  • Municipal Contribution: Housing sponsors contribute to municipal services through payments, striking a balance between development and fiscal responsibility.
  • Positive Impact: Exemptions encourage increased development, preservation of existing units, and community development in low-income areas.


  • Budget Considerations: Municipalities must carefully manage budget implications to offset the loss of tax revenue.
  • Accountability: Monitoring mechanisms are crucial to ensure sponsors fulfill their obligations.

The property tax exemption initiative is a significant step toward addressing the housing affordability crisis. It incentivizes affordable housing development while ensuring fiscal responsibility and community well-being. Careful planning and oversight are essential for its success.

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