Date: August 22, 2023Attorney: Jacqueline Greenberg Vogt

The Biden-Harris Administration recently issued further guidance on their Buy America Act which presents opportunities for developers, contractors and manufacturers. The Act, intended to invest in our country’s crumbling infrastructure and presumably increase the amount of US-made goods used on and in government contracts should be read and understood carefully by the construction industry as a whole. According to, “The Made in America Office (MIAO) will ensure that any waivers from Made in America laws are applied clearly, consistently, and transparently across federal agencies. The MIAO will analyze the information it gathers from waivers to support U.S. manufacturing and more resilient supply chains.” 

If you have questions about your participation in the Buy America Act, our Construction Law Team, lead by Jacqueline Greenberg Vogt, is available to to help understand the underlying regulations.

Click here to see what the Biden-⁠Harris Administration released: