Date: October 2, 2023Attorney: Joel G. MacMull

Tune in every week to MacMull’s Musings where our IP, Brand Management, and Internet Law attorney Chair, Joel MacMull discusses all the new, exciting, and potentially controversial updates in the world of Internet Law and intellectual property.

Episode 1.

The state of Illinois passed legislation designed to protect child social media influencers. Listen in to learn what Illinois parents must now do to protect profits generated from their children’s successful social media channels and what other states and countries are also enacting similar laws.

Episode 2.

the US Department of Health and Human Services recommended that marijuana be reclassified from its current Schedule 1 controlled substance class to a schedule 3 class. See how this change can affect the severity of the current stigma revolving around the use of both medical and recreational marijuana. Will this impact the legality of the drug in the US?

Episode 3.

Dive into Joel MacMull’s case study on the brand acquisition of and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Episode 4.

In the latest installment of MacMull’s Musings, Joel MacMull unravels the details behind the recent security breaches at MGM Casino and Caesars Sportsbook & Casino. 

Episode 5.

In the fifth episode of MacMulls’ Musings, Joel delves into the recent suspension of Federal Judge Pauleen Newman and unpacks the flurry of recent lawsuits against Chat GPT! 

Episode 6.

Joel MacMull unpacks the intricacies of the statute of limitations in copyright law. In light of the US Supreme Court’s decision to hear a landmark case, what could this mean for future copyright litigation?

Episode 7.

In the latest episode of ‘MacMull’s Musings’, Joel MacMull unpacks Meta’s new policy against deepfake content and sheds light on the growing prevalence of generative AI scams. A reminder of the age we’re in and the importance of discerning fact from fiction.

Episode 8.

This week on MacMull’s Musings, Joel MacMull delves into the captivating world of economics behind luxury brands. In this insightful discussion, we’ll explore the rise and fall of Europe’s revenue giant, LVMH, and how the economy will truly affect the sales behind other luxury brands you know and love.

Episode 9.

Explore Joel MacMull’s insights in the 9th episode of MacMull’s Musings as he delves into an article published by The New York Times. During this episode, Joel discusses how a coalition of twelve New York-based law firms has penned a collective letter to multiple law schools. They are urging these institutions, particularly their administrations, to enhance the education of their law students. The catalyst behind this appeal is the surge in antisemitism observed on law school campuses following the October 7th Hamas attacks in Israel. In his discussion, Joel emphasizes the significance of free speech and the need to engage in discussions on sensitive topics in a thoughtful and measured manner. He also underscores the critical distinction between this and advocating for hate speech.

Episode 10.

In the most recent installment of MacMull’s Musings, Joel MacMull takes a deep dive into the case, Melendez vs. Sirius XM Radio, where he explores the right of publicity, with a primary emphasis on the preemption of these rights.

Joel explains the concept of the right of publicity, underscoring its broad scope, which extends beyond an individual’s physical likeness to encompass their voice, name, photograph, and overall representation. In the case, John Edward Melendez, also known as Stuttering John, claimed that his rights were infringed upon when Sirius XM Radio rebroadcasted and promoted past episodes of The Howard Stern Show, where he was a participant.

Despite the content prominently featuring Melendez’s voice and likeness, the court ruled that Melendez’s claims were precluded by federal copyright law.

To delve deeper into this subject, tune in to the video, and don’t miss the next episode of MacMull’s Musings, where Joel will untangle yet another intriguing topic.