Date: August 18, 2023Attorney: Jacqueline Greenberg Vogt

In a complex construction litigation concerning the termination of a contractor on a $55 million construction project, our client, the project owner, is striving to recover millions of dollars in extra costs resulting from the terminated contractor’s poor work. Jacqueline Greenberg Vogt has successfully persuaded the court to permit the owner to include as a defendant in the litigation, another company affiliated with the contractor which possesses substantial assets. Jacky used emails that were disclosed during discovery to demonstrate that emails originating from the domain of the affiliated company were dispatched to the owner during the project’s duration. Other discovery enabled our client to show that the principals of the affiliated company verbally asserted that the affiliate was an integral part of the construction management “team” for the project. As a result, the owner now has an additional, financially capable entity to pursue in order to recover its damages. Congratulations to Jacky for this accomplishment.