Date: February 2, 2024Attorney: Lynne Strober

In a past courtroom scene, Lynne Strober, Co-Chair of the Matrimonial and Family Law Practice Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, faced a unique situation when her client described herself as a robot. The client expressed a belief that she needed to strictly adhere to her husband’s demands, stating, “I am a robot.” This declaration prompted Strober to recognize the gravity of the situation and advocate for a thorough evaluation of her client’s mental capacity.

During the proceedings, Strober voiced her concerns to the judge, emphasizing the necessity of evaluating her client’s ability to make decisions independently. The judge, acknowledging the seriousness of the matter, halted negotiations and allowed for further evaluation of the client.

Reflecting on this case and others currently in progress, Strober acknowledges the prevalence of serious mental health issues within her caseload. She notes the importance of approaching such cases with care and diligence, often involving the expertise of medical professionals to assess and assist clients.

“It’s crucial to recognize that we, as legal practitioners, are not equipped to diagnose or treat mental health issues,” Strober explains. “In cases where mental health concerns arise, we collaborate with experts and doctors to provide both legal support and personal assistance to our clients.”

Strober’s experience underscores the complexities inherent in family law cases involving mental health issues. While legal proceedings play a crucial role, she emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the well-being of clients and seeking appropriate professional guidance when needed.

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