Date: January 3, 2023Attorney: Peter H. Tanella, Melody M. Block, John J. DeFuria, Eileen R. Funnell, Maria Groeneveld and Justin Wade

As we get ready to close out 2022 and start 2023, we are pleased to bring you our National Veterinary Law Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC‘s End of Year Newsletter.

In this issue, Chair Peter Tanella, Esq. and the Veterinary Law Team bring you articles on hot topics such as “What Does it Mean to Hire the Right Veterinary Lawyer” as well as our first in a series of “VetChecks“, which are short interviews with past and current clients to get their unique take on the buying/selling experience. Also featured are The Vets as our Client Spotlight, Provide as our Industry Spotlight and Relief Rover for this issue’s Industry Insights.

Read the full newsletter here.