Date: June 10, 2024Attorney: Joshua S. Bauchner and Damian P. Conforti

Hemp businesses in the tri-state area have encountered a series of regulatory shifts that are reshaping the landscape for operations within the industry. These changes present challenges that necessitate careful navigation and strategic planning to ensure compliance and continued prosperity.

Law enforcement agencies in the tri-state area, particularly the Office of Cannabis Management in New York, have intensified efforts to address “illicit cannabis” activities. This heightened focus has resulted in increased scrutiny and enforcement actions targeting hemp retailers, particularly those selling products that may be subject to overnight changes in levels of concentration.

Hemp store owners are grappling with a range of challenges, including closures, product seizures, and potential criminal charges. Amendments to state definitions and adjustments in standards of proof for tenant evictions have compounded complexities within an already intricate regulatory framework.

The importance of legal guidance and support cannot be overstated for hemp entrepreneurs at this time. Navigating the nuances of hemp law demands expertise and a profound comprehension of regulatory dynamics. Partnering with a reputable legal firm can furnish businesses with the guidance and protection necessary to navigate regulatory challenges effectively.

At Mandelbaum Barrett PC, we recognize the obstacles confronting hemp businesses in the tri-state area. With our team of seasoned attorneys, including Josh Bauchner, Chair of the Cannabis, Hemp, and Psychedelics Practice Group, and Damian Conforti, Co-Chair of both the White Collar and Criminal Defense Practice Group and the Hospitality Services Practice Group, you can count on top tier legal services tailored to the requirements of hemp entrepreneurs.

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