Date: January 27, 2023Attorney:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order No. 112, which waived existing practice restrictions for advanced practice nurses (APNs). A proposed New Jersey Senate Bill (S-1522) would go further, permanently expanding the scope of practice for APNs. The AMA is opposed to this bill, based on their position that APNs do not receive the level of training that physicians receive with regard to clinical procedures, especially anesthetic procedures. APN advocacy groups assert that, as skilled clinicians with high levels of expertise, allowing APNs to operate more independently could aid immensely in the expansion and affordability of healthcare in our state.

Mandelbaum Barrett PC Healthcare Partner Alex Keoskey, Esq. reports that we will be monitoring the outcome of this debate, which will have a significant impact for approximately 10,000 APNs practicing in New Jersey.

Read the full bill here.