Date: March 23, 2020Attorney: Damian P. Conforti

March 23, 2020
Damian P. Conforti

In consideration of the need to reduce the county jail population to mitigate risks posed by COVID-19, the Supreme Court of New Jersey issued a Consent Order yesterday commuting or suspending jail sentences for certain inmates currently serving county jail sentences. However, the prospect of release is not guaranteed nor is it an absolute. Prosecutors have a short window to object to the release of any inmate, and those inmates who are released run the risk of having to return to jail once the Executive Order declaring the public health emergency is lifted by the Governor.

Victims of offenses committed by those eligible for release are entitled to notice of the inmate’s release and, importantly, releasees will still be subject to the supervision of a pretrial or probation officer and the terms of the inmate’s pretrial release or probation, such as orders to not contact their victims.

If you or a loved one are affected by this decision or if you have questions regarding your rights, Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s Municipal & General Criminal Defense Group and its White Collar Crime and Government Enforcement Group are available to assist you.