Date: May 2, 2022Attorney: Martin D. Hauptman

The New Jersey Division of Taxation has advised that since the State of Emergency has not been lifted, the following extensions remain in effect: (1) the law which delayed the payment of interest on refunds until six months after the State of Emergency has ended when the original interest payment period ended on or after April 14, 2020; and (2) the statute of limitations for the assessment of tax which runs until 90 days after the State of Emergency has ended if the original assessment or consent period ended after April 14, 2020. The Division also stated that digital signatures will continue to be accepted on extensions of the statute of limitations, closing agreements and the appointment of a Taxpayer Representative. The Division will work with taxpayers to complete its audits through correspondence (mail or electronic) where possible and avoid in-person meetings until further notice. Conferences with taxpayers will take place over the telephone. (N.J. Div. of Taxation, Division Procedures and Tax Collection, 04/22/2022.)

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