Date: February 26, 2024Attorney: Martin D. Hauptman

Discover the latest update from the New Jersey Division of Taxation, where important revisions have been made to the guidelines surrounding S corporation elections.

In a dedicated effort to improve efficiency and compliance, the Division has refined its procedures regarding shareholder consent for S corporation elections. Here’s what businesses need to know:

Initial Registration Process:

Upon registering a new business via the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES) online NJ-REG system, businesses will be prompted to indicate whether they have obtained the federal approval letter authorizing them to file as a federal S corporation or QSSS.

Submission Requirements:

For those in possession of the federal approval letter, simply upload a copy of it during the NJ-REG process. Additionally, complete the Shareholder Jurisdictional Consent form as part of this step.

If awaiting the federal approval letter, businesses can provide a copy of the federal acceptance letter instead. Once the approval letter is received, complete the Shareholder Jurisdictional Consent accordingly.

Filing Options:

Businesses also have the option to provide the necessary documentation when filing the S corporation return (Form CBT-100S). Alternatively, they can utilize the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services S Corporation Election system for submission.

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