Date: June 25, 2016Attorney: Laurie J. Woog

After only two months, USCIS approved the above case submitted by Laurie Woog, Esq. on behalf of a venture capital-backed start up tech company in New York that sought to retain a key business partner responsible for managing the launch of an app designed to revolutionize the ability of 9-1-1 operators to pinpoint the location of cell phone callers in an emergency, potentially saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars in productivity and health care costs.  The employee, a Stanford MBA and citizen of Austria with unique business and emergency medical knowledge, was also responsible for research and liaison with public service answering points (PSAPs, or 911 call centers) and government agencies. He should receive his green card in several months allowing him to continue to participate in the company’s ability to contribute to the health and welfare of people across the United States.

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