A massive data breach at HCA Healthcare, a hospital chain, has resulted in the filing of the first of many proposed class-action lawsuits. The breach involved the exposure of potentially 11 million patients’ information on a dark web forum. Key concerns surrounding the breach include the possible involvement of a third-party storage vendor and the impact on UK patients.

Bank Info Security has published an article on this significant breach, where Steven Teppler, Esq., CDPSE, Mandelbaum Barrett PC Partner and Chair of the Privacy and Cybersecurity practice group predicts, “we’ll see follow-on lawsuits and a motion to convert this into multidistrict litigation.” Furthermore, the breach prompts inquiries into potential investigations by the UK’s data protection authority and the storage location of patient data.

Click to read the full Bank Info Security article, titled “First Lawsuit Filed in HCA Data Hack as New Questions Emerge.”