“As a veterinary professional, you likely were presented with a document referred to as an NDA, or you discussed the need for one at some point in your career. However, not all NDAs are equal. If we dust off our copy of Black’s Law Dictionary, we see an NDA, or nondisclosure agreement, defined as “a legal contract in which one or more parties agree to keep information, as a trade secret, confidential and protected for a specific amount of time.”

Nondisclosure agreements serve as deterrents to the unwanted release of critical business information. In the October/November 2023 issue of Today’s Veterinary Business, National Veterinary Law Group Chair, Peter Tanella, Esq. and Employment Law Partner at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, Brent Pohlman, Esq. discuss what veterinarians and practice owners need to know about NDAs in their practices.

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