Mandelbaum Barrett PC Elder Law Chair, Richard I. Miller, Esq. was recently interviewed for the January 11, 2023 issue of ROI-NJ discussing the challenges for small business owners in terms of long-term care planning. He also addressed the issues for business owners and their spouses to qualify for Medicaid which is often needed to pay for long-term care. “The good news is this: In theory, Medicaid says, if there are business assets, those should not count against Medicaid,” he said, adding that the problem there is that it doesn’t count real estate connected to a business owner or income from the business.”

Elder Law associate Donald Dennison, Esq. was also interviewed about the current federal government’s Public Health Emergency and the expiration of the Pandemic grace period for many current Medicaid recipients. “The main takeaway is that a vast majority expect those redetermination notices to come in mail soon,” Dennison said. “One of the big concerns I have is that they’re going to be mailing them. And a small but not insignificant group of people have moved or changed addresses during this emergency period and will not receive them. If you don’t respond quickly enough, you will be booted off the program you’re on.”

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