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Special Needs

November 8, 2021In 2022, Social Security Disability Recipients Will See the Biggest Increase in Four Decades

The year was 1983: The U.S. invaded Granada. A gallon of gas cost 96 cents. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video premiered. That year was also the last time that recipients of Social Security disability benefits saw a cost-of-living increase steeper than the one just announced for 2022. This year, benefits will rise 5.9 percent, the sharpest upsurge since 1983's 7.4 percent jump....

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November 3, 2021"New and Improved" Tax Deductions for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Unique tax benefits are available to families who have children with special needs. And thanks to recent changes in the tax code, there are opportunities to save substantial amounts of money at tax time. Thomas M. Brinker, Jr., a professor of accounting at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, has put together a handy checklist of some potential tax benefits that could be available to families who care for a special needs child....

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