Your Child’s Future: Protected

At Mandelbaum Barrett, navigate your custody and parenting time issues with confidence, knowing that experienced family law attorneys and compassionate support are here to protect your rights and secure your children’s future. We will strategically formulate a custody plan and if necessary, bring other skilled professionals to provide input.

A Strong Dynamic and Highly Experienced Dedicated Legal Team to Guide You

The Matrimonial and Family Law Practice Group understands the emotional stress and legal complexities that come with child custody cases. With our expertise in the legal process, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome while always putting your children’s well-being first. Whether you need help establishing a parenting time plan, working through legal custody decisions, or resolving custody disputes, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Protecting Your Parental Rights:

As a parent, preserving your rights is crucial. Our attorneys have strong backgrounds in helping individuals protect their parental rights and understand the unique gravity of these cases. Almost all of our team of attorneys devote years of their time to the practice of Matrimonial and Family. As a parent, some of your rights may include:

Developing a Parenting Schedule:

An established parenting schedule is a key component to co-parenting successfully. Additionally, a schedule affords children the routine and consistency they require to thrive. Our attorneys will work with you to create a plan that considers the child’s well-being, your relationship with your co-parent, and other important factors including:


Custodial parents must have the other parent’s approval or a court order before moving a child out of New Jersey to another state or country. If there’s no agreement, the court will decide whether to permit a relocation based on the child’s best interests. This standard also applies to modifying parenting plans if a move within New Jersey affects the parenting schedule. We understand how complicated New Jersey child custody relocation laws can be. We can help you secure the best outcome for your family.

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