Preventing Common Accidents

Slips and trips, as well as injuries from falling objects, are common occurrences, collectively contributing to over 8 million emergency room visits annually in the US. These incidents are often caused by hazardous conditions such as icy sidewalks, pothole-ridden parking lots, and wet floors in places like hotels, grocery stores or shopping malls. The resulting injuries can have a profound impact on your life.

Common examples of slips, trips and falling objects include:

Steps to Take After a Slip or Injury

Knowing what to do after a slip or if injured by a falling object is crucial. Despite the initial embarrassment or the inclination to dismiss it as your fault, it is essential not to overlook the incident.

Accidents can happen anywhere. Common areas of slip, trip, and falling object accidents include sidewalks, parking lots, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and residential or office buildings.

In the event of a slip and fall, it’s crucial to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer. Proving negligence requires more than just asserting a duty of care violation. The injured party must demonstrate that the injuries resulted from the negligence of the business or property owner.

Our experienced Personal Injury team can help you get the compensation you deserve. We assist with helping you identify the insurance coverage and defendants, collecting and preserving evidence, monitoring medical care and documenting damages and building a compelling case to establish the defendant’s negligence.

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