In a decisive early victory, Dr. Elkholy and the Precision Pain & Spine Institute team secured the dismissal of disparaging allegations brought by Geico, including claims that the Institute members were somehow “racketeers” as the term is defined by the RICO statute. Like many other similarly situated providers who have been the victims of Geico’s, and other carriers’, improper recovery/claims avoidance practices, Dr. Elkholy and the Precision Team do not engage in fraud and, instead, serve an essential role in providing treatment to injured persons in the State of New Jersey who are entitled to coverage for their injuries under their Personal Injury Protection plan. However, unlike many other similarly situated providers, Dr. Elkholy and the Precision Team did not capitulate to Geico’s unreasonable demands; rather, they elected to challenge Geico’s specious allegations in order to vindicate themselves and clear their hard-earned reputation.

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