Tumi, Inc., the worldwide premiere brand of high-end luxury luggage, leather goods, bags and business accessories, continues to be one of Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s most well-known clients. Tumi has engaged the firm as outside counsel for more than 20 years, under the direction of relationship manager Steven Holt, who supervises all of the legal matters that Tumi brings to the firm. The firm also continues to handle various employment matters, as it has done for many years, under the supervision of Dennis Alessi.

In 2014, Michael Saffer successfully managed and resolved a complex commercial collection matter initiated by a former employee and consultant, which included allegations of fraud on the part of the plaintiffs.

Tumi also launched a new website and ecommerce business, under its direct operation, having previously outsourced these operations to a third-party vendor. This change will allow Tumi to improve the customer shopping experience through numerous state-of-the-art innovations and technical advances. Steven worked closely with Tumi’s Chief Information Officer and his team and Tumi’s General Counsel throughout the year-long transition process. He reviewed and negotiated many agreements with the dozens of vendors that helped build and will support Tumi’s innovative website.

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