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Rebecca Frino Talks About Divorce in the Spotlight with Ilyssa Panitz on The Divorce Hour

October 5, 2023

In This Week’s The Divorce Hour with Ilyssa Panitz, Ilyssa welcomes Founder of Anna K Law Anna Krolikowska to Discuss Celebrity Divorces. Counsel at Mandelbaum Barrett Rebecca Frino on Celebrity Custody Wars and The UCCJEA. The Divorce Hour with Ilyssa Panitz is a safe and comfortable place for listeners to put their feet up and […]

Legal Guardianship of an Adult: Rights and Responsibilities

May 12, 2023

Once a person becomes a guardian, they should be aware of their responsibilities. Since the ward loses significant rights, guardians must promote their autonomy to the fullest possible extent. Guardians must make decisions, such as moving the ward across states, in the ward’s best interests. Legal Guardianship for Adults With Disabilities There are several types of […]