Date: October 3, 2023Attorney: Robert C. Scrivo

Robert Scrivo recounts one of the highest-pressure cases he has been involved in, as well as what differentiates him from other white collar crime defense attorneys.

Robert Scrivo, co-chair of the firm’s white collar crime and criminal defense practice group, undertook a significant legal challenge in 2015: defending an individual facing federal criminal charges.

In 2015 Robert’s client received an unexpected letter from the federal government, revealing that he was the subject of a criminal investigation related to an Anti-Trust matter. This development disrupted his retirement and family life.

Robert maintained steadfast faith in his client’s innocence. Both believed their client had been unjustly accused, suspecting ulterior motives behind the allegations.

Facing the Department of Justice

Scrivo made compelling arguments to dissuade the Department of Justice Anti-Trust division in New York from pursuing an indictment. He also presented a persuasive case for his client’s innocence at the Department of Justice’s main office in Washington, D.C.

The case involved a substantial volume of evidence, including millions of documents and tens of thousands of emails. Scrivo meticulously sifted through this extensive material, constructing a compelling narrative supported by a well-documented timeline.

Scrivo employed unconventional but effective legal strategies, including Discovery demands and motions, which significantly contributed to their success. Remarkably, the government dropped the case just six weeks before the trial date. Robert Scrivo considers this achievement one of the most gratifying experiences in his legal career, despite the intense pressure he faced.

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