Christopher T. Zona

Christopher T. Zona


Chris Zona is a Partner in the Firm’s Litigation Department, Healthcare Litigation Group, and White Collar and Criminal Defense Group. His practice focuses primarily on all facets of litigation, defense and dispute resolution, investigations, and crisis management.

Mr. Zona is a veteran litigator and a seasoned trial attorney. He has served as trial counsel in more than 50 trials, including over 30 jury trials. Chris also has spent time as an associate general counsel to a Fortune 10 healthcare organization. Given his breadth of experience, Mr. Zona brings a trial lawyer’s mindset and an in-house counsel’s business acumen to each representation.

Mr. Zona represents clients from all industries in various types of affirmative and defensive litigation. He is well-versed in navigating pre-litigation negotiations and investigations, all facets of litigation, and trial practice. Chris has also assisted clients as appellate counsel in both state and federal appellate courts.

Before joining the Firm, Mr. Zona was a litigation attorney at two national law firms based in New York City. His practice focused primarily on complex commercial litigation in the U.S. (both federal and state court) and abroad, leading and responding to internal investigations, and strategic crisis management. Chris was also an in-house litigation and investigations counsel for one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. In that role, he oversaw nationwide litigation, led investigations related to the FCA, FCPA, Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law, and advised business units on risk management.

Mr. Zona began his career as a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Air Force. During his time in uniform, Chris served as an Assistant Staff Judge Advocate, Area Defense Counsel, and, finally, a Senior Trial Counsel with the elite Special Victims Unit. He served as lead trial counsel in dozens of criminal trials, prosecuting and defending the Air Force’s most serious and complex felony cases. He also represented the Government and individual clients in hundreds of criminal and administrative investigations. He separated from the military as a major-select.

Mr. Zona received his Juris Doctor degree from Washington & Lee University School of Law and his B.A. in Political Science and History from Union College where he also played varsity football. Prior to attending law school, Chris coached college football at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of Rhode Island.

In 2024, Mr. Zona was named a Distinguished Honoree on the Marquis Who’s Who List. The Marquis list serves as one of the most comprehensive and authoritative registries of leaders and achievers from various fields including business, law, education, healthcare, and more.

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2024 Marquis Who’s Who Award

  • Connecticut

  • New York

  • New Jersey*

  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

  • Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Washington & Lee University School of Law, J.D., magna cum laude

  • Union College (NY), B.A., summa cum laude

Mandelbaum Barrett PC Secures $14 Million Judgment In New York

May 21, 2024

Mandelbaum Barrett PC secured a notable win in New York's Commercial Division. Representing a commercial lender, the Litigation and Bankruptcy team obtained a $14 million summary judgment against defaulting debtors.

Healthcare Alert: Eli Lilly Dismisses Lawsuit Against Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s Pharmacy Client in Florida

April 30, 2024

In the summer and fall of 2023, certain pharmaceutical companies, such as Novo Nordisk (Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus) and Eli Lilly (Mounjaro), filed lawsuits across the country against medical spas and wellness centers, compounding facilities, and pharmacies that dispense drugs containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient semaglutide (Novo Nordisk) or tirzepatide (Eli Lilly). These drugs have […]

Mandelbaum Team of Bankruptcy Attorneys and Litigators Victorious in DC

April 19, 2024

The Mandelbaum legal team achieved a significant win, securing the removal of a debtor and appointing an independent trustee in a complex bankruptcy case, protecting a commercial lender from a suspected $13 million fraud. This marks a pivotal advancement in the enforcement of Subchapter V of the Bankruptcy Code.

Mandelbaum Barrett PC Victorious In Motion To Transfer Venue

March 1, 2024

Mandelbaum Barrett PC currently represents the DIP Lender in a bankruptcy case in Washington DC.  The DIP Lender called a default after uncovering evidence that insiders of the DC-based debtor fraudulently overstated invoices and diverted contracts, employees, and assets to a related company in Virginia.  After Mandelbaum, on behalf of the DIP Lender, sought injunctive […]

Overnight Overhaul: NY Hemp Industry Faces Sudden Shift

March 14, 2024

In New York's dynamic hemp regulatory landscape, Joshua Bauchner and Chris Zona of Mandelbaum Barrett PC spearhead a legal battle defending small businesses against abrupt THC regulations. Their civil rights complaint challenges constitutional violations, spotlighting the broader impact on emerging industries and the delicate balance between state and federal law.

Compulsory Blood Tests for Suspected High Drivers

March 14, 2024

In New Jersey, a contentious bill proposes automatic consent to blood tests for drivers suspected of cannabis use, with a THC threshold of 3 nanograms per milliliter. Joshua Bauchner and Chris Zona of Mandelbaum Barrett PC critique this, highlighting the challenge of equating cannabis impairment to alcohol's .08 blood alcohol concentration. They stress that THC's persistence in the bloodstream makes current impairment assessments unreliable and unfair. Advocating for evidence-based standards, they engage with legislators and the public to foster a law that balances road safety with individuals' rights, challenging the bill's approach amidst New Jersey's legal cannabis landscape.

Shadow Insider Trading: The Panuwat case

March 8, 2024

Chris Zona, Partner at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, highlightes a significant case that’s drawing attention in both financial and legal sectors. His experience in litigation and white-collar criminal defense, and as a former prosecutor, gives him a keen eye on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) latest move: the Panuwat case. This situation marks a notable […]

Guide to NYC’s Permanent Outdoor Dining Program

February 9, 2024

Launching in March 2024, New York City's permanent outdoor dining program is designed to allow restaurants to expand their dining areas onto sidewalks and roadways, aiming to adapt urban spaces for broader use. This initiative, developed in response to the pandemic, sets out comprehensive guidelines to ensure safety, accessibility, and integration with the urban environment. It involves a structured process for obtaining necessary permissions, with a focus on operational standards and compliance. The program seeks to balance business needs with public space utilization, reflecting an effort to modify city landscapes in response to changing urban dynamics.

Unregulated Games: NIL Controversy in College Sports

February 1, 2024

The introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights has revolutionized college sports, posing legal, ethical, and operational challenges. Chris Zona and John Burns from Mandelbaum Barrett PC dissect this evolution, scrutinizing its impact on athletes, institutions, and the sports industry. They delve into the complexities surrounding NIL, from legal dynamics to ethical considerations, urging a comprehensive approach to navigate this transformative era in collegiate athletics.

Game Changing Analytics: A Legal Perspective on NBA’s Data Battles

January 24, 2024

Chris Zona, Partner in Litigation, and John Burns, Associate in Labor and Employment at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, delve into a compelling legal case involving the use of analytics in the NBA. This case, focusing on a dispute between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Raptors, highlights the increasing importance of statistical analysis in sports strategies and the legal complexities it introduces.

Personal Injury Attorney Andrew Bronsnick Addresses Palisades Park’s Mold Crisis

November 22, 2023

In a recent video, attorney Andrew Bronsnick takes on a critical issue affecting Palisades Park, Bergen County, New Jersey—a mold crisis endangering public servants. With 26 years of experience in personal injury law, Bronsnick sheds light on this urgent matter accompanied by Chris Zona, Partner in the Litigation, Healthcare and White Collar Crime Practice Groups. […]

Latest Insights into the Google Antitrust Trial: CEO Testimony and Contract Negotiations Revealed

November 3, 2023

In the realm of antitrust litigation, the Google case has emerged as a significant focal point in recent months. Chris Zona delves into the latest developments in the Google antitrust trial, providing insights into the trial's key revelations, including details from Google's CEO, the substantial budget allocated for contract negotiations, and the contentious issue of deleted chat logs.

Chris Zona: Becoming a Trial Attorney

October 30, 2023

Despite the absence of legal role models, Chris Zona's ambition as a trial attorney persisted. Immersed in civil and commercial law from an early age, Chris remained resolute. As a Senior Special Prosecutor, he broadened his horizons, delving into civil and commercial law. Join Chris in this exclusive feature, tracing his trajectory from law school to his adept handling of diverse cases, from serious felonies to complex white-collar offenses and healthcare law.

Video: US v Google

October 9, 2023

The U.S. Department of Justice has initiated a major antitrust suit against Google, alleging years of manipulative business practices. The DOJ contends that through its dominant monopoly, Google negatively impacted every US computer and mobile device user. Chris Zona, healthcare litigation and white collar crime defense attorney, dissects the complexities of this landmark case.

Video: Wildenstein Tax Fraud Case

October 5, 2023

White collar crime and criminal defense attorneys, Robert C. Scrivo and Chris Zona, are discussing the legal details to understand why the French government is eager to investigate the Wildenstein's finances and collect those overdue taxes.

Video: The Wildenstein Case, Tax, Trusts & Estates.

October 5, 2023

Join us as we explore Silvia Wildenstein's quest to rectify her inheritance. With insights from Chris Zona, white-collar crime and criminal defense attorney, and Shawn McClelland tax, trusts, and estates attorney. Their perspectives shine a light in this case's financial investigations, estate planning, and the shadows of the art world.

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Aggressively Targeting Pharmacies Over The Dispensing Of Certain Compounded Drugs Related To The Weight-Loss Industry

September 22, 2023

Recently, pharmaceutical companies like Novo Nordisk (Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus) and Eli Lilly (Mounjaro) filed lawsuits in federal courts across the country against medical spas and wellness centers, compounding facilities, and pharmacies, including one of our pharmacy clients, who dispense drugs containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient semaglutide (Novo Nordisk) or tirzepatide (Eli Lilly). These lawsuits […]

BULLETIN from Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s Healthcare Practice Group Regarding the IRS’s Order To Cease Processing ERC Claims

September 21, 2023

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel ordered the IRS to immediately cease processing new claims for employee retention credits (“ERC”). The pause in processing will likely run until the end of 2023 and cause a substantial delay in processing claims. The ERC is a tax credit for businesses and tax-exempt organizations that […]

Legal Insights on Claiming a Lottery Jackpot

August 10, 2023

Partner in the Commercial Litigation & White Collar and Criminal Defense Group, Chris Zona, and Partner in the Tax, Trusts & Estates Practice Gorup, Shawn McClelland, discuss the steps you should take if you come into a life-changing amount of money, not unlike the recent Mega Millions winner in Florida this month.

NYC’s Move to Keep Outdoor Dining, With Winter Rules

August 10, 2023

Partner in the Commercial Litigation & White Collar and Criminal Defense Group, Chris Zona, and Co-Chair of the Hospitality Services Practice Group, Damian Conforti, discuss NYC's recent decision to continue outdoor dining, complying with winter rules.

Chris Zona Named a Distinguished Honoree on the Marquis Who’s Who List

April 15, 2024

Chris Zona's distinction on the Marquis Who’s Who list signifies his exceptional contributions to his field. As a comprehensive registry of achievers, this recognition highlights his dedication and leadership, shaping his profession's landscape. It's a testament to his pursuit of excellence, inspiring others and making a profound impact. Celebrate his remarkable achievement!

Mandelbaum Barrett PC welcomes new Partner, Chris Zona, Esq.

July 17, 2023

Mandelbaum Barrett PC welcomes Chris Zona as a Partner in our Litigation, Healthcare Litigation, and White Collar and Criminal Defense Practice Groups. His practice will focus on all facets of litigation, defense and dispute resolution, investigations, and crisis management. Chris is a veteran litigator and a seasoned trial attorney and has spent time as an […]