Date: November 22, 2023Attorney: Christopher T. Zona and Andrew R. Bronsnick

In a recent video, attorney Andrew Bronsnick takes on a critical issue affecting Palisades Park, Bergen County, New Jersey—a mold crisis endangering public servants. With 26 years of experience in personal injury law, Bronsnick sheds light on this urgent matter accompanied by Chris Zona, Partner in the Litigation, Healthcare and White Collar Crime Practice Groups.

Uncovering the Mold Crisis

The problem centers on hazardous conditions within the Palisades Park Borough Municipal Building. A news article featuring Bronsnick’s firm underscores the severity of the issue, as ten Palisades Park employees have sought legal help.

Health Issues and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Exposure to harmful mold in the municipal building has led to various health problems, prompting workers’ compensation claims to cover medical expenses. This issue extends beyond municipal workers, affecting police officers and town administrators.

Inaction from Palisades Park Authorities

Despite these alarming developments, Palisades Park authorities have taken no action to address the mold infestation, the crisis persists, with no response from the town council.

Seeking Legal Representation and Support

For individuals facing health problems due to unsafe work conditions, Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s personal injury practice group is ready to provide legal representation and support throughout the process. With their extensive trial experience, they can handle personal injury cases and complex litigation.

In the face of this mold crisis, Andrew Bronsnick’s commitment to seeking justice offers hope to Palisades Park’s public servants.

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