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Personal Injury: Comprehending the Statute of Limitations

March 1, 2024

In New Jersey, you have only a two-year window from the date of your injury to file a complaint against the person or company responsible. This period is crucial for ensuring your complaint can be filed in court. Ethan Wells, partner within the Personal Injury Law Practice Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, is an experienced […]

Personal Injury: Understanding Pre-Existing Conditions in PI Cases

February 29, 2024

Navigating a Personal Injury case can be daunting. If you are injured, one of the first questions you may be asked by your attorney or insurance company is whether you have any pre-existing conditions.  Joseph Peters, partner within the Personal Injury Law Practice Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, is a highly experienced personal injury attorney with […]

Senior Counsel Joseph Dicenza Celebrating his 50th Anniversary with Law Firm

February 29, 2024

Join us in commemorating a milestone moment as we celebrate Senior Counsel Joseph J. Discenza’s remarkable 50-year journey with Mandelbaum Barrett PC! Explore the rich history of our firm as we sit down with Joseph to reminisce about the early days of our partnership and witness the transformative growth that has propelled us to become […]

Peter Tanella’s Recent Appearance on the Smarter Vet Financial Podcast: Essential Insights for Practice Owners

February 26, 2024

Peter Tanella, Esq., Chair of the National Veterinary Law Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, recently appeared as a guest on the Smarter Vet Financial podcast by Florida Veterinary Advisors. In this episode, Peter engages in a discussion with host Tom Seeko about crucial aspects practice owners shouldn’t overlook. Tune in as they cover topics such as partnership contracts, […]

Mandelbaum Barrett PC Proudly Participates in National Letter to an Elder Day

February 26, 2024

Led by our Elder Law Practice Group we were so excited to participate in National Letter to an Elder Day today! Members of the MB team wrote heartfelt letters (and even included a few gifts) to bring smiles to seniors’ faces at a local nursing home. Started by Love For Our Elders, a nonprofit organization […]

Exciting News! Fingerprints on Success Podcast Featuring Bill Barrett Launches to Empower Entrepreneurs

February 14, 2024

The digital sphere is alive with anticipation as CEO Bill Barrett of Mandelbaum Barrett PC introduces his newest endeavor: the eagerly awaited ‘Fingerprints on Success’ podcast. With a mission to embolden entrepreneurs and business leaders along their paths to success, this dynamic platform is poised to revolutionize the landscape of business podcasts.

Guide to NYC’s Permanent Outdoor Dining Program

February 9, 2024

Launching in March 2024, New York City’s permanent outdoor dining program is designed to allow restaurants to expand their dining areas onto sidewalks and roadways, aiming to adapt urban spaces for broader use. This initiative, developed in response to the pandemic, sets out comprehensive guidelines to ensure safety, accessibility, and integration with the urban environment. It involves a structured process for obtaining necessary permissions, with a focus on operational standards and compliance. The program seeks to balance business needs with public space utilization, reflecting an effort to modify city landscapes in response to changing urban dynamics.

Joshua S. Bauchner Explores Cannabis DUI Challenges in New Jersey v. Olenowski: Insights from the Karma Koala Podcast

February 7, 2024

Joshua Bauchner, Partner and Chair of Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s Cannabis, Hemp, and Psychedelics Practice Group, shared insights on the Karma Koala Podcast. He discussed the legal and technological challenges in identifying cannabis DUI cases, focusing on the New Jersey v. Olenowski case. Bauchner’s analysis shed light on complex legal intersections and technological limitations.

Joshua S. Bauchner Listed as one of the Top 200 Global Psychedelics Lawyers

February 6, 2024

In the third edition of the Global Top 200 list of Psychedelics Lawyers, Joshua S. Bauchner, Partner and Chair of the Cannabis, Hemp, and Psychedelics Practice Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, is newly acknowledged. His inclusion honors his dedication, experience, and impactful contributions to psychedelic law and its industry advancement.