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Mena Francis, Esq. Contributes Insightful Blog to Part B News on “Unveiling Lesser-Known Updates to No Surprises IDR: Batching, Registration”

February 5, 2024

In a recent blog post for Part B News, Mena Francis, Esq., Healthcare Counsel at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, explores proposed changes in the No Surprises IDR process. The suggested revisions, such as eased batching provisions, seek to enhance efficiency by enabling multiple related items in a single dispute, ultimately reducing costs and promoting fair payment […]

Peter Tanella, Esq. and Dennis Alessi, Esq. Co-Author Article on Telemedicine in Today’s Veterinary Business

February 1, 2024

Exciting News in Veterinary Care! The future of pet healthcare is here, and it’s going digital! Veterinary telemedicine is on the brink of explosive growth, but the big question is, are our current regulations up to the task of ensuring top-notch pet care and wider access? In the new Today’s Veterinary Business issue out today, […]

Martin D. Hauptman Addresses Social Security Questions on 401(k) Withdrawals 

January 31, 2024

For individuals seeking clarity on their potential circumstances, the Social Security Administration provides charts for income levels and filing statuses, accessible through this link. Additionally, it offers guidance on calculating Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

Donald Dennison, Esq. Discusses Asset Protection from Nursing Home Costs in Interview

January 29, 2024

“Transfers of assets into trust are typically considered gifts, therefore, this type of planning is usually done well in advance of someone needing Medicaid services.” Elder Law attorney Donald A. Dennison, Esq. from Mandelbaum Barrett PC shared insights in a recent interview with Delving into the question of whether a trust safeguards assets from […]

Joshua S. Bauchner Attends the Cannabis Law Section MCLE Programs event, hosted by the New York State Bar Association.

January 29, 2024

Explore the dynamic legal terrain of cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics with Joshua S. Bauchner and Mandelbaum Barrett PC’s expert panelists. Gain invaluable insights into New York and New Jersey’s evolving regulatory frameworks at the recent NYSBA event. Dive deep into compliance and emerging trends.

Law360: Can Off-Duty Cops Use Marijuana?

January 26, 2024

In 2024, Law360 highlights a pivotal case stemming from New Jersey’s legalization of recreational marijuana, which clashed with federal firearm laws. Jersey City’s struggles with enforcing these laws led to a legal battle, triggering controversy over police terminations and accusations of political bias. Joshua S. Bauchner condemned the city’s actions as hypocritical.

Banking Deal Alert: Mandelbaum Barrett PC Facilitates $12 Million Asset-Based Loan for Retail and Wholesale Ventures

January 24, 2024

Mandelbaum Barrett PC partner Jeffrey M. Rosenthal and associate Ann S. Lee represented a regional bank client providing a $12 million asset-based loan for a group of companies in the retail and wholesale consumer and business customers. This accomplished deal highlights the firm’s proficiency in managing financing across a variety of business sectors.

Family Law Co-Chairs Lynne Strober and David Carton Author “Preserving Marital Assets and Judicial Economy During Divorce” for the New Jersey Law Journal

January 23, 2024

One of the roles of a family law attorney is to play defense with respect to dissipation of a marital estate during a divorce. In many cases, the family law attorney is concerned with limiting the spending of financial accounts for non-marital purposes during the pendency of a litigation. And in other cases, the family law practitioner’s goal is to prevent the sale or encumbering of real estate while the litigation is ongoing.

Family Law Attorneys Rebecca E. Frino and Xena A. Balcazar Discuss “Sticking to the Essentials for Discovery in Divorce Cases” in the New Jersey Law Journal.

January 23, 2024

Has a client asked you to look under every rock to account for every dollar spent in their 20-plus year marriage? Has a party refused to provide responses to discovery to the point where litigation has ground to a halt and the case cannot proceed? Has a client demanded that you depose the other party’s employer? If you are regularly involved in divorce litigation, the answer to these questions is likely a resounding “yes.”